What is it to you?

For years and years, the word wellness has been thrown around.  The definition of wellness is described as being in a “state of well-being” which is vague and really doesn’t get to root of the word.  To me, wellness is multidimensional and a lifestyle.  It’s a mindset in which you take control and make conscious decisions to improve your life, whether it’s mental, physical, social, occupational, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, environmental, financial, medical or a mix of them all.   It’s taking responsibility of your choices and making the right decisions to lead yourself into a lifestyle of healthfulness and life satisfaction.

This blog will focus on the steps that others can take to achieve optimal wellness and my own personal journey to maintain and improve my own.  There is no set way for achieving wellness, as it will vary with each person and their ultimate goal.  Rather this will just be a source of information that may make things easier for others in this busy life and inspire to make changes in their own lives through one small step at a time.

I’d love for this to an open platform.  A place where we all share ideas and support each other.  What is wellness to you?  What would you like to change in your life to make wellness more achievable to you? What words spring to mind when you think of wellness?

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